Because I Wanted To Play With You

The Hedgehogs

Because I Wanted To Play With You

This book is based on a true story about an experience the author’s son had with his friend. This moral tale will remind and inspire readers to think about the importance of digital manners and how they affect our relationships.

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About The Author

Tamiko Pettee

Tamiko Pettee was born and raised in Japan. She was always a very quiet girl who loved painting, drawing, knitting, and making crafts, but she was never really interested in writing.

When she was pregnant with her second child, her pediatrician told her there was a pretty good chance the baby would have Down Syndrome. When he uttered those words, she felt like she had fallen into the bottom of a deep well and didn’t have any way to climb out. She really needed an outlet to express her feelings of fear and anxiety; so she started writing about what she was experiencing during that period.

Eventually, she entered one of her pieces in a Japanese writing contest, even though she didn’t think she had a chance of winning. And she couldn’t believe what happened! She actually won the contest, which had over 500 entries, and ended up being interviewed by several TV stations. One of them even came all the way from Japan to her house in the States to interview her! After the shows were aired, the stations told her that they had received a lot of comments from people saying how they were touched by what she had written and some were even moved to tears.

It was at that moment that she realized you can be a good writer if you have something important to say and can express your thoughts and feelings in a way that touches people’s hearts. So she started writing children’s books along with her own illustrations, with the goal of making the world to be a better place for little ones to grow up.

Tamiko now lives in the United States with her 4 boys and American husband.