Written & Illustrated by Tamiko Pettee

Emily's Quills

We are all unique and have something special to offer the world.  All we need is a little courage to develop our talents and start using them to help others.

While playing with her friends one day, Emily starts to lose confidence when she realizes that all of the other animals have such amazing talents and all she has is her quills that just get in the way and hurt others.

When everyone suddenly finds their friend, Squirrel, in a dangerous situation, they all work together and use their unique talents to save her.  With a little courage Emily quickly discovers how powerful her quills are and regains her self-esteem as she finds a unique place in the group.

Emily’s Quills is a heartwarming story that can help both parents and teachers discuss important life lessons such as:  kindness, cooperation, self-esteem, acceptance of differences, empathy, compassion, resilience and friendship.




Tamiko Pettee is an award-winning writer and a stay-at-home mom who lives in Arizona with her husband and four energetic boys.

From the time she was young, she had always wanted to create something that moved and inspired people, and one day came up with the idea of writing picture books.

She truly believes that children are our future and wants to send important messages through memorable and heartfelt stories, not only to her own sons, but also to other children throughout the world.

And that’s why she started writing The Hedgehogs series of books.


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